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Conn-Selmer Artist Program

Music Note

Centerstage is the department  that manages all Band and Orchestral Artist Clinicians and Endorsing Artists under the Conn-Selmer brand of instruments. We oversee the Conn-Selmer Artist Clinician program and Endorsing Artist roster. With a stable of hundreds of artists and a roster of phenomenal Artist Clinicians, our artists consist of a wide array of genres, instrumentation and skills. With our mission to build relationships through our passion of excellence, integrity and pride, we strive to help connect industry with music education through our Endorsing Artists and Artist Clinicians.

How To Apply

If you are interested in becoming an Endorsing Artist or Artist Clinician for one of Conn-Selmer’s legendary brands, please send the following to:

Conn-Selmer, Inc.
Attn: Centerstage                             Or                                    artistrelations@conn-selmer.com
600 Industrial Parkway
Elkhart, IN 46515 

The items needed to be considered as a Conn-Selmer Endorsing Artist are:

  1. Bio and discography
  2. Resume
  3. Two to three current recordings
  4. Instrument equipment list

The information needed to be considered as a Conn-Selmer Artist Clinician are:

  1. All of the above four items
  2. Outline of masterclasses or clinics
  3. Videotape or web link to a recent masterclass or clinic
  4. Geographies you typically cover for clinics
  5. How many masterclasses or clinics do you perform each year?
  6. What is your typical clinic fee?

To see what’s happening with our Centerstage Artists, we invite you to go to www.conn-selmer.com and click on our Artist tab. For questions regarding the application process, please contact our Marketing Coordinator at 574-522-1675 or artistrelations@conn-selmer.com

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