Yanagisawa Professional Model SS992PG Soprano Saxophone

About the Model SS992PG

The SS992PG features the same pitch stability, tonal quality and mechanical sophistication as the SS991 but the Bronze body fully plated in pink gold - a mix of 80% gold and 20% silver creates a stunning finish. This plating and the lack of lacquer enhances a wonderful tonal clarity which we have found especially popular with classical players. The pink gold horns only have a limited run each year. They are handmade in Japan by specialized artisan craftsmen. The Yanagisawa saxophone is the epitome of perfection on intonation, ergonomics & build quality. Yanagisawa specializes in only manufacturing handmade professional saxophones. They offer some of the best values on the planet for a professional sax. With resonance and a refined sound the 992 series has outstanding evenness of intonation over its entire range at all dynamic levels.

The 992 series has various upgrades over the 902 series: The body is 2 piece and comes supplied with a straight and curved neck. The posts that hold the keys in place are mounted onto strong support straps that run the length of the instrument, this adds weight and support to the body and influences the carrying power of the tone.


Octave system - Both ends of the octave key axis rotate in a receptacle that is coated to ensure a smooth operation every time. Rocking table mechanism - The C# and Bb keys have a rocking table mechanism that allows for optimal speed and fludity. Double connected table key - Not only are the C# and Bb keys connected with the oscillating table mechanism, the the C# and B have also adopted this same motion. "Indented" white shell keys provide comfort for the player. Both thumb rests are metal and the right hand thumb hook is adjustable. The pivot screws are pointed to allow an accurate center and precise action. The pads are air-tight and waterproof to extend their life. The resonators are metal to give clarity of sound. Blue steel springs provide a quick response and greater durability than stainless steel. Hand made in Japan. Hand Engraved. Bronze body plated in pink gold. Ribbed construction. High G key. Removable neck - comes with both a curved and straight neck. Comes with woodshell case with quality ebonite mouthpiece.