Finding a Music Store

Music Note

Your student's instructor may also have a preference of a local music store that can help you in purchasing or renting an instrument. These stores typically provide regular support to the school music programs with accessory and supply deliveries, repair service, and in providing new or used instrument rental or financing options to match value with your budget.

BeginningBand_FindingaMusicStore_SUPPORT.jpgIn some cases, these music stores may even be scheduled for an in-school display to make acquiring an instrument even more accessible. Along with the instrument rental, your child's instructor or representatives from the music store may also recommend a few starter accessories such as reeds, cleaning kits, mouthpieces, music stands, or metronomes.

Student instruments from Armstrong, Bliss, C.G. Conn, Glaesel, King, Leblanc, Ludwig, Selmer, Scherl & Roth, Vincent Bach, Vito, William Lewis are all part of the Conn-Selmer family of brands and have become trusted choices by educators around the world. To find a store in your area that sells Conn-Selmer Instruments, use our store locator.