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Ludwig Continues to Innovate and Increase Set-Up Flexibility with The ATLAS Mount!

Posted on March 4, 2013

For Immediate Release

March 4, 2013

Ludwig Continues to Innovate and Increase Set-Up Flexibility with The ATLAS Mount!

The Ludwig ATLAS mount creates a positioning location anywhere on a drum, NO DRILLING REQUIRED. It adds mounting where you need it, taking drum placement and tone to new heights.

The new hardware is a three-point suspension system in a self-contained unit that simply attaches to the shell by replacing the lug. The new ATLAS mount effectively separates the isolation system from the drum, allowing the drum to resonate as an independent unit, without effect from the drum mount.   The result is smoother decay, longer sustains, and increased resonance.  Plus, the set-up flexibility it presents is truly stunning.” Commented Joshua Allen, engineer developer of the Ludwig ATLAS Mount.

Floor tom legs, auxiliary cymbal arms and other accessories are positioned with ease and totally isolated from the shell. The 12.7mm clamp on the ATLAS Mount is isolated from shell contact by two hardened steel pins, floating on elastomer mounts over the integrated tension casing. The Ludwig ATLAS mount fits 25mm-43mm sized drum hole spacing. 

The ATLAS Mount is available now on Keystone Series drum sets and components, and custom-configured Legacy and Classic Maple drums from Ludwig USA.  It will be available as a single item in summer 2013.


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